Rescue of a dog in a well

Rescue of a dog in a well

We received an SOS call stating that a dog was found in a well and is not able to come out of it. As soon as we received the information our team of ground personnel went to the location and found the dog. Hopefully, there was no water in the well, so the dog was still alive but afraid.

The team took a closer look at the dog from the top and observed that the dog did not sustain injury luckily. The team studied the situation and decided to go inside the well with the help of a rope. But getting in and pulling the dog out of the well was challenging but the team did the rescue well under the conditions. The dog was given water, food and taken care of at our shelters.

There are a lot of such wells in the city without any cover and is a dangerous place not only for kids but also for street animals. There are even such wells with water which can be very fatal if anyone or any animal falls into it. We receive a lot of rescue calls in this regards.

Reaching the spot and analyzing the situation

Getting ready to go down the well

Coming out successfully rescuing the dog

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