Kassiopea Sanctuary in Kindness Farm!

Kassiopea Sanctuary in Kindness Farm!

The Kassiopea Sancturay at Kindness Farm fully functional by our partners NetAP – Network for Animal Protection, Switzerland is the most green cat building housing over 43 cats. All these cats were rescued from very terrible emergency and crisis situations and cannot go back. As part of our cat protection programme in collaboration with NetAP, we spay street cats and release them in the same location but those that cannot survive and/or vulnerable are housed here under our care.

Creating awareness among residentsperforming spay-neuterrescuing and attending emergency crisis situationslodging official complaints against those that are hurting the cats, and performing necessary surgeries at our shelter are all part of our integrated cat protection programme.

We are grateful to NetAP for establishing and sponsoring the operation of this cat house at our Kindness Farm.

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