Reduction of human-animal conflict.

Reduction of human-animal conflict.

The pandemic and the lockdowns imposed by the government due to the deadly second wave have both, pros and cons, for these sweet street animals. With no traffic and less disturbance, they lie relaxed on the same streets. Below, you can see pictures of these community animals relaxing and enjoying the hot weather outside our organization’s main gate.  The city’s animals seem to exhibit more of their natural selves during lockdowns and curfews.  

Another hidden benefit of imposed lockdowns is reduced human-animal conflict. Pre lockdown, there was much more human-animal interaction. As a result, VSPCA was a witness to more human-dog conflicts-especially from those animals that nobody took care of. With an increase in man-made developments, there is more destruction of animal habitats that is forcing these animals to adapt to city life in ways that are unhealthy for them, as well as for humans. As we undergo urbanization, we must think about the animals that were already residing in these areas. This is the reason why VSPCA began its work in cities with dogs. Only when people are compassionate towards dogs, will they begin to notice the various species of animals that come into the cities. Whenever there is a human-animal conflict, the human is always given priority, and the animal is either disposed of, ill-treated, or neglected. This actually leads to more problems.

Neglecting animals in cities and failing to take care of them can pose as a huge risk for humans. There is a higher risk of zoonotic diseases spreading. Taking care of all species that make up the biodiversity in cities, is a human obligation and a human need.

At VSPCA, we strive to take the utmost care of all animals that are under our care. We regularly monitor our feeding stations, make sure all the animals’ vaccinations are up to date and rabies vaccines are given regularly. As a result of this, we are seeing a decrease in zoonotic diseases. VSPCA’s aim is for all living things, humans and animals, to live harmoniously within a community. 

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  1. Heena says:

    I would like to share dis today der was an incident which took place in my building der wer 3 cats in one house but whole society was against dem d owner is a lady and stying alone people living here hve harassed her alot n askd her to leave dem away all betray her abuse her n wht not but frm dem 1 jumped frm building n died n other they jst left her in garbage far away can you please help in making people aware tht they cnt hurt animals n dey might have to face consiquences for dis situation today and ther owner of the cat has no clue of one dead .

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