Dr. Rajeshwar- The unsung hero!

Dr. Rajeshwar- The unsung hero!

The ongoing global pandemic has proven time and time again how it has disrupted all lives, human lives as well as non-human animal lives. VSPCA would like to continue to highlight all those who are making a huge difference in their efforts to help all animals in distress during the past year and a half.  Today, we shine the light on the amazing, powerhouse; Dr. Rajeshwar! 

Dr. Rajeshwar has been a veterinarian with VSPCA for over 12 years, silently dedicating his life to the welfare of all animals, wild and domesticated.  He is the chief veterinarian to all the animals residing in Shelter 1 and travels to take care of over 800 animals residing in our Kindness Farm, as well.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has been unkind to Dr. Rajeshwar.  He lost his mother-in-law to the deadly virus. His wife was also infected by the virus and is slowly recovering at home.  However, this has not deterred him from helping all animals in a way that only he can. He takes care of all the animals who are in the emergency care in Shelter 1, as well as taking the lead in spaying and neutering the street animals. 

To date, he has performed over 93,000 spay-neuters to dogs and has recently taken charge of spaying and neutering the hundreds of cats at the Shelter and Farm. On average, he is in charge of  1100 different animals and he attends to all emergencies.  When an animal needs him, he is always present to help them.  

He is a genuine hero who has been tested under extremely difficult conditions and VSPCA will forever be indebted to him.  Thank you Dr. Rajeshwar for your lifetime of dedicated service to the natural world!

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