Mange is treatable!

Mange is treatable!

With the deadly Covid-19 pandemic still raging across our nation, many dogs are being abandoned by their owners for various reasons.  One of these reasons is mange, a disease that can be treated by veterinarians.

Pictured below, a pedigree dog was abandoned by its owners due to its mange. However, our talented and thoughtful medical team at VSPCA treated this distressed pup medically, and showered it with lots of love and care, along with delicious and nutritious food.

Earlier this year, we started our Mobile Ambulance Camp Programme, so that we could bring our services to distressed animals across the city who may need our help. We conduct on-the-spot treatments for several injured animals while saving time, energy, and costs of transporting the animal to our/government shelters. 

In the before and after pictures below, you will see yet another case of mange where our dedicated medical team treated this dog in a timely manner. Soon, he was back to his handsome and healthy self!  To treat him, our team used one tab of ABD+ which is a deworming medicine, nutritious food, and a whole lot of love and care!  Animals recognize love and care and, once we show them that, they spend their whole life, giving it back to us! It is important to reiterate how loving and faithful dogs are to humans.  

Due to the high humidity in Visakhapatnam, we are seeing several cases of mange. VSPCA’s Mobile Ambulance Camp Programme has treated many hundreds of street animals – ensuring their safety and the safety of humans around them. When animals are left to suffer diseases, it cannot bode well for humans.

Mange in dogs is a skin disease that can be prevented and is treatable in both early and later stages. It is caused by two types of mites that affect dogs: sarcoptic and demodectic. The former is more contagious and common than the latter (via BlueCross for Pets, UK). Signs to look out for are: if a dog is continuously itching which can result in red patches, hair loss, or rash (via American Kennel Club). It is important to notice these symptoms as they arise and get your dog the treatment vets can provide.   

Abandoning a dog that has a curable disease is very cruel. All forms of life deserve our respect and kindness. We at VSPCA always strive in doing so.

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