Mallika Buddhiraju- An Unwavering Force!

Mallika Buddhiraju- An Unwavering Force!

Everybody in VSPCA, and possibly across Visakhapatnam knows Ms. Mallika Buddhiraju has made huge sacrifices through her life, person, and being. She has taken on great responsibility in the process of the entity that is VSPCA and this includes a vast amount of suffering of all animals. Despite all the pain she has seen, Mallika has persevered!  

Ms. Mallika may be working silently and invisibly behind the scenes of VSPCA, but she was actually the one who told Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath, the CEO and Founder of VSPCA to officially form this organization. Twenty-five years ago, In 1996, she supported Mr. Nath with the official formation and registration of VSPCA.  

This new lifestyle she chose for herself, being a woman from a conservative, Brahmin family, could not have been appreciated by the relatives.  Despite such hurdles, Ms. Mallika pursued with Mr. Nath, for her love for animals.  Her lifestyle change for this cause is NO small matter as her own family members refused to accept her choices. However, with the support of her sister, Ms. Sarada, VSPCA was able to establish and maintain all activities of VSPCA Shelter 1. As Ms. Sarada’s older sister, Ms. Mallika’s influence on her is something key to note. Both sisters came together for the cause of animals and have pursued silently as an unwavering force.

Mallika has always chosen to remain on the right side of history and has devoted her whole life to the cause of animal protection and care.  

Today, young women talk about independence and strength, but it is Mallika who embodies these traits.  Without any fanfare, she steadfastly stands for the principles she believes in. It is her unwavering passion for the welfare of animals that is helping VSPCA transition from an Animal Welfare organization to Habitat and Wildlife Conservation.  One cannot “do” conservation unless one is deeply committed to the street, stray and feral animals.  

Ms. Mallika is a strong advocate for animal rights, plant-based living, and biodiversity conservation, probably more than anyone at VSPCA. She fights the “cattle mafia”; deals with the immense threats during lawsuits and holds the organization’s fort; has spent nights working on sea turtles as they make their entry after midnight; and she maintains the diplomacy needed for partners from abroad to sustain with VSPCA. In addition to all these, she makes sure all funds coming into VSPCA are streamlined for the animals’ care and treatment whilst ensuring that the staff at VSPCA are well taken care of.  

We at VSPCA honor and admire Ms. Mallika and would like to thank her for all that she does and stands for! We wish for her best health and hope that VSPCA remains the shining light it is for many more years under her guidance.  

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