Leading from the front: A warrior for animals during pandemic times!

Leading from the front: A warrior for animals during pandemic times!

With the threat of the ongoing second wave of the deadly virus, there are huge challenges that we are facing at VSPCA in helping animals in distress, procuring food and medicines in a timely manner,  and maintaining all COVID-19 precautions set out by the government amid the deadly summer heat of Visakhapatnam.

One amazing superwoman leading from the front is Ms. B. Sarada who is VSPCA’s shelter manager for VSPCA Shelter 1. She primarily helps with the rehabilitation of the animals as they require constant monitoring. She is an inspiration to all of VSPCA’s staff. Ms. Sarada, apart from taking care of the many animals residing in Shelter 1, is committed to our Animal Birth Control Program for street dogs and cats. She also attends to the emergency rescues, especially the ones who are critical.  

Ms. Sarada, like Mr. Rajshekhar, is another pillar of VSPCA. Ms. Sarada loves animals deeply. The primates at VSPCA can be ferocious and pose a danger to humans; however, Sarada has developed a deep bond with them. They choose and eat food from her lunch box every day, and similarly, she has developed a profound rapport with the parrots, the cattle, the cats, and even the star tortoises who recognize her when she is in their enclosure!  Ms. Sarada brings home animals that cannot be left alone when they are new to the shelter.  It requires her to stay up all night in their care – especially when they are injured.   

Her bond with animals has evolved over the years and VSPCA owes her a debt of gratitude.  Of course, all of VSPCA cannot stand proud and make such immense progress, without the quiet, confident, and deeply knowledgeable presence of Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath.  But, we will tell his story another day.  

We want our valuable readers to know who Ms. Sarada and Mr. Rajshekar are to every animal, and every human being, whether in the city or rural region, who cares about biodiversity. 

At VSPCA, we are determined in our efforts to take care of the animals in our shelters, as well as in the surrounding areas even if it means risking our lives to do so. There are many challenges and risks involved for those working at our shelters, but we try to take all preventive measures. 

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