Real warriors making a real difference – saving lives while risking theirs!

Real warriors making a real difference – saving lives while risking theirs!

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted many lives across India, affecting the rural and urban populations in different, but traumatic ways. In rural regions, there is a significant lack of medical resources available to those living in these areas, and hence, the risk to the rural populations is much greater.

Pictured below is Mr. JVVS Rajshekhar, sanctuary manager at VSPCA’s “Kindness Farm,” located in rural Visakhapatnam at Kuruvada. Kindness Farm, or Farm, caters to the needs and services of all animal biodiversity residing within a 50-kilometer radius. Helping out at the Farm, there are 27 animal helpers, two watchmen, a primary veterinarian, and Mr. Rajshekhar, the sanctuary manager.  All the workers at the Farm are locals who have gainful employment through VSPCA and have obtained many vocational, hands-on, and farming skills that are healthy for them and for the sustenance and flourishing of this region.

Mr. Rajshekhar has been with VSPCA for about two and a half decades.  Like all our animal warriors, his work is a labor of love.  He manages all the animals, their needs and well-being, their facilities, feeding, and maintenance. He is also taking care of all the employees – where there is little turnaround.  He works hard to teach all the staff the skills of sanctuary management, growing food on the Farm, managing the crops amongst forest trees (agroforestry to attract more wildlife), and efficient energy management.  At the Farm, he handles bio-gas, vermicompost, fertilizer and ground cleaner production, and soil health.  Mr. Rajshekhar is overseeing the construction of two unique projects for the benefit of the whole region – the “Rain Water Harvesting Project“, and the “World’s First Dog Park,” which will be of benefit to the city and rural Visakhpatnam.

Mr. Rajshekhar is a pillar of VSPCA.

Even during these challenging times, we have the support of these benevolent people who have helped maintain the necessary COVID-19 precautions, pre-planning with storing food and medical supplies and taking preventive measures. They have worked day and night to make sure that the feral and Farm animals are taken care of when nobody else has any time for them.

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