Success Stories!

Success Stories!

At VSPCA, our incredibly talented medical team often works with a great number of severely injured animals.  Even if the animal might be considered a “hopeless case” by many, our vets or shelter managers can understand when the individual wants to live. Therefore, they will do everything possible to save every animal and have them live a healthy life. The animals’ injuries vary from mild, moderate to severe. No matter the scale of injury, we always try to achieve the impossible. We hold on to the last shred of hope as we strongly believe that there is hope beyond the unimaginable pain and suffering the poor animal is going through. The same way we would do for our family members. All animals are part of the VSPCA family when they arrive at the shelter.  

In the picture below, you will see one such case. He was badly injured and infected and had extreme difficulty in eating or drinking. We could clearly sense his pain and his frustration, but our medical team did not give up. They treated him medically and showered him with lots of love and care and nursed him back to good health. In the picture below, he has recovered completely and is healthy. Our favourite thing about him is his infectious smile and we love him just the way he is!  He proves to us that our determination, commitment, and dedication have given us this wonderful result.  It is our belief that the fight to survive is in every living being on this planet!

Another similar case is of this bunny that is pictured below. He is one of the many bunnies that were rescued by VSPCA from cruel conditions in pet stores. He was living in dingy conditions, with little to no access to clean water, food, and living space. After rescuing him and treating him medically, he has fully recovered. Now, he resides at the Shelter and has rightfully claimed his space! 

Nowadays, we are seeing more and more cases of rabbits being killed for their meat as an exotic delicacy. Or they are being driven away from their natural habitats due to urban development. We try to save as many as we can that are in such inhumane conditions.   We never lose hope to offer them the life they deserve!

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