Dog Park at Kindness Farm!

Dog Park at Kindness Farm!

VSPCA’s Dog Park is the first of its kind not only in India but in the whole world! Located in Kindness Farm, this project is currently under construction.  The plan is to build 50 kennels for abandoned dogs from across the city of Visakhapatnam. These dogs are abandoned pedigrees, the Indian pariah, and other mixed breeds.  This unique Dog Park, or The Park, spans 1.5 acres. During the first phase, The Park will have 21 “Dog Bungalows” and eight swimming pools, the construction of which have already begun. We have also started plating 500 fast-growing tree species at The Park.

The most important aspect of The Park is that it is a model for smart cities and urban regions. Along with that, it is to demonstrate to the Andhra Pradesh Government that such spaces if included in urban planning, in every five-kilometer-stretch in cities, can be interaction centers between dogs and humans. This will thereby reduce conflict and increase compassion for street animals. 

If we do not want domesticated and/or street animals to roam the roads, then we must make such arrangements.  Dogs are everywhere, in every city in the world and in every countryside! Having dogs only as pets will not suffice, as humans often abandon their pets when they cannot provide the necessary care. As a result, all neglected animals have no choice but to end up on the roads and being labeled as “vermin animals” which is not fair to them.

In the Dog Park, all rescued dogs will have access to clean water, nutritious food, and shelter accompanied with lots of love and care. Over here, they will not have to scrounge for food, nor do they have to worry about their safety or their care if they come in as pups. Since VSPCA is a “no cruelty” shelter and breeding of animals under VSPCA’s care is strictly prohibited, the rescued dogs will be provided with spay-neuter surgeries. Please take a look at VSPCA’s breeding policy. 

Our goal is to have 100 Dog Bungalows of different shapes and sizes at The Park. Each bungalow costs approximately INR 20,000 (USD 270) to construct. Beyond the funds, VSPCA believes that the message this project carries is profoundly important to the human and urban worlds! 

In the photos below, we are proudly sharing some sneak peeks of this delightful facility, and we will be sure to keep our valuable readers informed of its progress.

To achieve this vision, we, at VSPCA, are humbly making an appeal to our well-wishers, donors, and patrons for economies of scale, to raise USD 25,000 more. These funds will help us to press on with the construction team, saving on high prices of materials due to inflation, containment zones in the city, increasing wage rates due to lockdown, and rising costs of taking care of the dogs residing at other facilities. 

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