EMERGENCY APPEAL! Help us help the animals affected by the heavy rains!

EMERGENCY APPEAL! Help us help the animals affected by the heavy rains!

Over the past few days, Visakhapatnam has been hit with heavy rains that have caused water to flood in many areas across the District. Many areas in Visakhapatnam received a record-breaking amount of rainfall, at almost 13 centimeters. The India Meteorological Department or IMD has predicted more rainfall in the coastal areas. 

VSPCA’s Shelter 1 and Kindness Shelter has been badly affected due to the heavy rainfalls. There has been severe waterlogging affecting all the animals residing in these shelters. We have shifted all the animals to higher places so that they would not be mired in nor harmed by the floods. Our alert medical team has been working round-the-clock making sure the animals are safe, comfortable, and keeping dry. They have been providing warm covers to the animals especially susceptible to hypothermia. Our vets, paravets, and other staff are working extra shifts and longer hours to ensure the safety of every animal. They are rationing and buffering feed and medicines for the animals, but our supplies are running out quickly. 

One of the damages caused by the heavy rains is our staff rest area. We have to rebuild this area again for our staff members so that they have a space to eat their meals and rest in between their shifts.

Please help us continue to protect and guarantee the safety, feed, and vet care of all our rescued animals. Your contribution to VSPCA in these hard times will help us meet their daily needs. No animal should die from hunger and helplessness. Please check our website for more information on how to donate from within India or outside India.

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