Dog beaten and abused due to Municipality’s mistakes!

Dog beaten and abused due to Municipality’s mistakes!

When the Municipality takes in stray dogs to neuter or spays them, they release them back onto the streets with little regard for their safety. Oftentimes, the Municipality will take street animals from one neighbourhood and release them into another neighbourhood, where they are attacked by the local dogs. Dogs are territorial and tend to stay in packs.  Any new dog introduced to their neighbourhood will cause them to fight with her/him, and reclaim their territory from the stranger. This is dangerous for the newcomer, who mostly ends up dead or brutally injured.

At VSPCA, we know about a dog’s territorial nature and the importance of releasing a dog back into its own neighbourhood after a spay or neuter surgery. Over the years, we have streamlined and perfected this process, thus avoiding injuries or attacks among dogs. 

When there are dog fights or conflicts, the neighbourhood residents also react with panic,  attempting to mitigate such fights by chasing away or beating the new dog. After intense surgeries such as spay or neutering, the dog needs to rest in order to heal properly. 

This poor dog, pictured below, was chased, dragged, and dumped in the dustbin by the residents. All of this could have been avoided had the Municipality released the dog into the neighbourhood it originally belonged to. This takes a little planning which is not in the interests of the Municipality. 

After our team on the ground was informed about this particular incident, they rushed in to rescue the badly injured dog.  Our hardworking team was able to correct the wrong, and she is currently being given medical treatments and is under observation. 

After rescuing her, our team investigated the incident to locate the people who beat and dumped the dog into a dustbin but could not find the people who did this. We continue to monitor the situation where such heinous crimes occur.  

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