Animal Volunteer in Action!

Animal Volunteer in Action!

At VSPCA, we have several volunteers who are ardent animal lovers and are committed to the welfare of all animals. Ms. Satyavati is one such volunteer. She is a house-help during the day to earn her living wages, and yet she makes time to help and care for any animal that might be in distress; be it dogs, cats, or even monkeys!  Satyavati is a brave young lady.  

Satyavati has a little space in Kurupam Market that she uses as a makeshift shelter for animals.  VSPCA staff help her out with food and medicines for the animals she rescues. We also take in the animals she rescues for spay and neuter surgeries and provide them with all necessary vaccinations for public health and the safety of all in the Kurupam Community. 

Satyavati is an authentic, loving, and committed volunteer.  She has been given the responsibility of our very first VSPCA branch unit in the Old Town Area. This is a new experiment. We are working towards creating a “human-animal co-existence space” within urban areas, where humans are willing to share their space and time with animals.  VSPCA internally refers to this experiment as an organic sanctuary. They want people to invite animals back to the region.  Animals such as feral cats, wild chickens, turtles, snakes, monkeys, mongoose, wild hare, beavers, porcupines, chipmunks, groundhogs, guinea pigs, squirrels, and, a vast variety of birds are liminal.  Having lost their spaces due to urbanization and deforestation, they make their way into cities in search of food, water and a safe space.  

At VSPCA, we are committed to having more organic sanctuary-type units under the responsibility and control of dedicated animal lovers. We will, of course, provide the necessary support needed to care for the injured and distressed animals. However, if we see any animal in a critical and/or emergent condition, we will move them to our shelters for the right treatment. 

We are extremely grateful to volunteers like Satyavati for helping us help animals. Thank you, Satyavati! 

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