One Person’s Waste is Another Person’s Treasure

One Person’s Waste is Another Person’s Treasure

Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath, the founder of VSPCA, always says, “an act of kindness is measured by deeds.”

Mr. Raju is a rag picker and treasure hunter, who makes his rounds from Town Kotha Road to Kurupam Market, which is approximately a distance of four kilometres. Along this stretch of road, there are more than 200 gold merchants and 250 jewellery-making shops. Many like Raju, earn their living by searching for valuable waste/slag from gold and other precious metal pieces of jewellery. This kind of waste is often found in the Kurupam market area canals and in dustbins. Apart from this, Raju also carries basic refinery tools to collect such valuable waste and has assumed the role of a  rag picker. 

Above all, Raju is a kind soul with great compassion in his heart!  He assumes responsibility as a supplier of scrap foods to street dogs on the roads. He is an ardent animal lover and does as much as he can to help, support, and care for street animals. He rummages through dustbins for food that he can give to the dogs. His compassionate qualities have brought him into our Dog Protection Program, a joint initiative of VSPCA and NetAP, Network for Animal Protection. 

Mr. Raju often joins our team in rescue missions and helps raise awareness about the plight of street animals. 

We understand that Raju and the animals have a bond that people who are cared for in society, may not fully understand. VSPCA asks that each one of us look around to see who, human and nonhuman, may be neglected; and, do what little we can, to make their day a little bit better.  

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