Animals Have No Caste, Religion, or Politics

Animals Have No Caste, Religion, or Politics

Every day, many devotees visit the temple of Lord Kaala Bhairava as part of their rituals and prayers. Bhairava has a dog as his vahana or vehicle. Hence, the devotees of Kaala Bhairava pray to the dogs present at the temple, when they come to offer their prayers. Through this act of devotion, they have created greater awareness about street animals and created a safe space for them.  VSPCA asks each of us to observe these important human-nonhuman coexistence stories

Nowadays, we receive a lot of garlands, sweets, and gifts at our office and shelter facilities. Our dogs who reside at our shelters are often adorned with haldi-kumkum (turmeric and vermillion powders) and flower garlands. We hope more devotees and other people, especially animal lovers, will come to our offices and shelters to observe our work and do their part to protect dogs and other street animals. 

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