Rescue Cats at Shelter 1, Up for Adoption!

Rescue Cats at Shelter 1, Up for Adoption!

At VSPCA, we have approximately 115 cats residing at Shelter 1. They have been rescued from different situations such as abusive households, strays needing treatment, injured cats called into our shelter, and those abandoned by their owners. All the cats at Shelter 1 will continue to live with us until they are adopted into loving homes. All our resident cats are spayed/neutered and their vaccinations remain up-to-date. Any animal at VSPCA shelters is akin to our family member; no matter the circumstances. 

All our cats live together in harmony and as seen in the pictures below, they are calmly eating together. They love to play with each other or just sit by the window either sunbathing or watching the outside world pass by.

They are eagerly waiting to go to their forever homes. Please visit our website for more information on our adoption process. 

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