VSPCA wishes you success and happiness in the New Year. We take this as an opportunity to be grateful for your help and extend our heartfelt greetings for the season.

We hope you can take a moment to read our report of our works for the period of March 2009 – March 2010 (PDF file).

VSPCA is rising to the challenge

The majority of India’s population does not want to be cruel to animals. It’s a lack of resources and poverty that has led to hopelessness and apathy. VSPCA has always aimed to change all of that and in the last 14 years we have begun to influence an entire state of over 75 million people (Andhra Pradesh) in their views and treatment of animals. A culture of kindness to animals is no longer a hopeless dream or an unobtainable goal. It is catching on and beginning to spread.

We are at your service to rescue animals in our area 24/7 and to continue our hard work day and night. We have many innovative projects aimed at alleviating the suffering and misery of animals in distress. As we are looked as the main Animal Welfare Organization (and the most active) on the coastline of our state, we have much more responsibility to help the animals in our region.

Photos from VSPCA

Looking Ahead (yes we believe in the future!)

Our chief goal as we approach the New Year is to continue funding animal birth control. An India without suffering and diseased dogs and puppies on its streets is our ambitious aim. We are also slowly striving to address the problem of cat overpopulation.

VSPCA wants to help even more cats, and one very kind donor has started a matching fund to build a new cat shelter – please read about it here.

Another priority is to continue developing the VSPCA Kindness Farm. What a miracle it is that land is now available to relieve the crowded sanctuary. We look forward to seeing the water buffaloes finally get a pond to bathe and the horses having more than a few meters to roam. For a living wage of just $2 a day, local workers are eager to begin helping animals in this developing part of the world.


Are you able to give a sponsorship this holiday season? We have real animals that you can “adopt” one on one and for a six-month sponsorship, we can put a dedication on our website. Arjun (above) has been online for a long time waiting for sponsorship. Please read his story and many other deserving animals here.


Your donation of any amount will mean a great deal to the animals and our staff and volunteers that help them. They will be so grateful to be able to continue their lifesaving work. Your generosity directly saves animals lives. We are very grateful to your support and hope we can continue our relationship in the year 2011 – which we pray to be a positive year for the animals – and we will be sure to try our best!


Wishing you, your loved ones, and your companion animals (if you are lucky to include them as part of your families), the best Holiday Season and happy and fortunate New Year!

Pradeep Kumar Nath
President and Founder, VSPCA

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