Awareness Among the Children!

Awareness Among the Children!

It has been more than 25 years since VSPCA  officially began its Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme for cats and dogs. At VSPCA, we are firm believers in the fact that ecosystems are not human-dominated (even if this is the current misguided thinking) and that humans and animals can co-exist harmoniously. Our ecosystem will thrive when we respect the balance between humans and nonhumans. Ecosystems are complex, nonlinear, self-organizing systems. Keeping the big picture in mind, through our ABC programme, our mission is to not only provide spay and neuter surgeries to street cats and dogs but, also raise awareness about human and animal well-being in our communities. 

Today, we are happy to share that we observe a significant shift in the attitude of the public towards street dogs and their welfare. More and more people, both children and adults care for street and feral animals and are displaying physical and emotional concern for their well-being. 

Over the last 25 years, we have been working toward identifying conflicts between humans and animals by taking steps to raise awareness and educate the people of that community, while simultaneously mitigating conflict. Through our awareness and education programmes, humans and animals are living side-by-side and even working together. For example, our Sea Turtle Protection Force has street dogs guarding turtles at every hatchery along the coastline. 

We are proud of this achievement!  Our goal is to see positive change in every resident of the city, where animal-human co-existence is a given!

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