Lumpy Disease: What VSPCA is Doing to Not Affect our Cattle

Lumpy Disease: What VSPCA is Doing to Not Affect our Cattle

There has been a recent outbreak of lumpy disease in various parts of India. The lumpy disease is a viral skin disease that mainly affects cattle. This disease is transmitted by blood-feeding insects which can include flies, ticks, or mosquitoes. It is an infectious, eruptive, and occasionally fatal disease that is characterized by fever and nodules on the skin as well as on other parts of the body. Sometimes a secondary bacterial infection can aggravate the condition. There are vaccinations available for the lumpy disease that can be administered to cattle. 

Unfortunately, there have been several cases of lumpy disease in our district. Therefore, over the last two months, we have been following several medical protocols so as to prevent our cattle from getting this disease. Our team has been strictly adhering to the relevant protocols and is also seeking help from the Animal Husbandry Department who have been very graciously providing the vaccination to us free of charge. 

We are happy to report that to date we have had no cases of the lumpy disease in our shelter, despite the heavy rains that we have been experiencing over the last couple of months. We hope that this trend continues within our shelters and that the nationwide cases of the lumpy disease start to trend downwards. 

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